• TuffBlock is designed to replace heavy concrete blocks used in the floating foundation deck block system trusted for over 35 years!


  • An individual TuffBlock has been designed to support over 1,700 lbs and successfully tested to over 11,000 lbs yet weigs only 1½ lbs. Designed to accept 2” x 4”, 2” x 6”, 2” x 8” Joists and 4” x 4” Posts, TuffBlocks truly are the lightest, most versatile and easy to use deck foundation system on the market.


  • TuffBlocks are made of high strength closed loop recycled polyolefine material with an ultra high UV rating. Designed with a ventilated underside to prevent moisture buildup and deter termites. TuffBlocks are the only block product that are able to be secured to the post/bearer for extra stability.


  • Unique to the TuffBlock is the ability for low level decking, it is now possible to build a deck as low as 6½” without the need for digging. NO MORE UGLY CONCRETE BLOCKS IN YOUR YARD. The slimline profile and satin black finish means a TuffBlock easily blends into the landscape and surrounds. 100% Recycled!