Precision Balusters & Connectors

Precision balusters’ galvanized steel construction will provide years of hassle-free beauty without the typical maintenance and upkeep of pine or similar materials. These balusters are compatible with a wide range of rails, adding a touch of grace and elegance to your design. Precision makes creating your distinctive project even easier by its simple setup and installation. At the same time, balusters need to do more than just look pretty: they need to be sturdy enough to stand up to all kinds of weather and corrosion. With 100% maintenance free and corrosion-proof design, Precision balusters absolutely fit the bill. Enjoy cost-efficient and reliable balusters that match any kind of fence or railing, whether it’s made from wood, composite, or vinyl.


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Round Baluster

Precision round steel balusters creates an elegant and refined style between the bottom and top rails of your deck. A chic alternative to pine square balusters, these ¾″round  balusters feature an AAMA2604 compliant powder-coated satin matte finish that provides an extra defense from outdoor elements like humidity and moisture. Precision balusters’ galvanized steel construction will provide years of hassle-free beauty without the typical maintenance and upkeep of pine or similar materials. Try Precision round steel balusters on your wood, composite or vinyl deck project and you’ll see how they never warp, chip or fade. Choose from two different sizes and colors.


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Square Baluster

Precision square balusters create an elegant style and their low-maintenance galvanized steel construction and powder-coated finish provide you with a classic wrought-iron appearance that is long-lasting and hassle-free. These pearl satin chic ¾″ square sturdy steel balusters are a perfect alternative to mundane wood balusters. They offer resistance to rot, warping, staining, mold, and buckling under pressure. Precision square balusters are as functional as they are handsome, intelligently engineered with top of the line materials to safeguard against the harsh elements.


Artisan Baluster.jpg

Artisan Baluster

Precision face mount Artisan balusters will take your railing to the next level, adding elegance and refinement with their exquisite “S"-like shape. The Artisan baluster mimics the appearance of hand-wrought forged iron without the big price tag that comes with iron deck accessories. 


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Baluster Connectors

Round & Square Connectors - Precision round and square baluster connectors attach to your rails with included ss screws which allows the round 3/4″ balusters to fit right over them, making for an easy installation process and giving the illusion that your rails have been drilled out without the hassle.


Rail Connector.jpeg

Rail Connectors

Precision rail connectors join your wood upper and lower railings to a post while accurately maintaining a 90-degree angle to create an anchored connection. Stainless steel screws come as a part of the standard connector package, along with two connectors, so you don’t have to miss a beat in your building process.